In this artificial world, we have many conveniences. Hot water straight from a  tap, wash machines, stores with clothes we don’t have to make ourselves, houses ready made to rent or buy. In this modern day culture, our basic human lifestyle needs are not met. In order to meet our basic health need in our culture, we have to make a conscious effort to search for actual real food items, rather than the usual “food-like” fake items that most tend to eat, we often make a conscious effort to exercise to counteract the sedentary lifestyle that is now so common. People die from health conditions literally linked to lack of movement and eating non-food items. So often when I make a choice for a better me, they are choices that simply bring me back to the basics of human nature. To what my body’s original needs are, that are not found in this concrete jungle in which we now find ourselves. One of these basic choices are to get into nature.


Getting into nature is now often a choice, whereas it used to be a part of the everyday lifestyle for humans of most generations. “Getting into nature” gives your body vitamin D, and basically can increase your psychological, emotional, mental, and even spiritual state. In more detail, according to the business insider, being outside increases your short term memory, restores your mental energy and reduces mental fatigue,   relieves stress by lowering heart and cortisal levels,  reduces inflammation, decreases the probability of vision and eye illnesses, improves concentration and focus, increases creativity and mental clarity, possibly helps reduce the chance of cancer, boosts your immune systems, improves longevity, and overall improves your health.

I went for a walk in the woods the other day. Admittedly I was listening to podcasts with one ear bud in and the other out to hear the birds and brook, but that still counts right, I mean I am IN nature….. To my credit, I did take a few moments along the way where I turned my podcasts off and just listened and looked around me. I even touched the textures on the plants around me, imagining that my ansterors did this every single day, without even knowing the health benefits in it. In gathering their food, in walking from place to place, they touched all sorts of trees and plant forms daily, as their lives were interconnected with the land and nature around them. It was a peaceful experience.


Are we losing touch with our instincts? The very things that helps us survive and be healthy? Why is something so simple as walking in nature, touching plants, and listening to the birds, is a choice and something we go out of our way to do? I have come to the conclusion that the why doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I do what’s right for me. Today the sun is shining, and I have a good podcast waiting in my downloads. Since life is the sum total of all of our choices, today I am making another healthy choice to get out into nature and seek that peace again.



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