Information overload. It can be overwhelming and drown out your own inner voice. I have researched this topic as well as played around with various methods, finding 5 basic tried and true steps to bring our attention to our own soul and away from the noises and images that call out for us to heed them. These are things we know, but rarely pause to consciously and careful consider for more than a moment in our world of distractions.

 Not that long ago humans heard information from word of mouth. If we had a bone to pick with someone, we had to wait until winter thawed so we could walk over to their farm and tell them off (ok, not quite but you get the idea). People talked face to face more. Drove slower. Walked slower. Now life goes zip zing gone. Everything seems so fast.


Is that bad? Were the older days really the “good old days”? I venture that this day and age can still be the “good old days”. I have a lot of hope for humanity. People find new ways to use technology to create joy. Great ideas spread quicker and are suppressed less. More and more people are allowed basic human rights.

This new era has pros and cons. And with the cons is information overload. Noise. Color. Speed. Smaller and smaller devises doing more and more. Our wonderfully built brains block much of this stimulation to allow us to avoid a breakdown. On top of our brain’s automatic filter, we choose which messages to believe and not to believe. It is one thing to block out the messages that we don’t believe or like, but when the flashes before our eyes and constant noises are things that interest us, how can we turn away? Ways to be happier. Better. Richer. More entertained.  If you turn away does that mean you don’t want these things?

When some valuable information comes our way, how can we turn away from it without feeling like we are doing ourselves a disservice? Microsoft Edge has come up with a handy solution to this problem by adding a “reading list” to mark websites for later reading. Facebook now allows you to “save” a post for later viewing. While I am a big fan of these features and use them often, I am an even bigger fan of learning to hear myself and read my own heart’s messages.


Through research and trying various techniques out, I found these 5 simple steps to be the most effective. Steps we know but forget to use because of the alluring presentations all around us. My challenge to you is spend an hour a day to hear yourself, see your life.


  • Stop and turn off all electronic devises
  • Close your eyes and breathe a calming breath, listening to the sounds around you. Repeat 3 times.
  • Open your eyes and notice your atmosphere, the walls, the trees…. The space around you.
  • Tell yourself that if that information was really going to be directly important for you, than your heart will direct you back to it some time in the future and let it go. Give yourself permission to let it go.
  • Go about living your life while noticing your surroundings, feeling the touches on your skin, noticing the smells, breathing deep. Let the world be your screen. Let your heart be your noise.



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