All humans want hundreds of things from life. I know that I sure do. I not only want a home, but I want one with indoor plumbing, hot water, heat in winter, and electricity.  I not only want food, but nice food, food that I enjoy. I want clothes. All of them, I want the socks and the shirts, not to mention the pants and undies. Beyond the things that have to do with my body space, I want friends. Ones that I like! I want family. I want to more or less like the society in which I live.

Why do humans want these things? To survive obviously, but beyond that? To increase the comfort of life is one valid reason. Intrinsically we have needs. Needs for belonging, love, enjoyment of life, a sense of safety, and on and on. To feel heard and understood. You get the idea. We all wants lots of things, even though we only need a bare few to literally survive to live to see another day or week or month. Beyond mere survival, humans want to live, not just exist. As such, our needs go deeper, and so do our wants.

What do you want more than anything? Fame? Riches? Happiness? Peace? I asked myself this the other day. Did I want happiness or peace more? Since I am of the belief that happiness comes and goes and sometimes it is just unrealistic to expect to be happy (such as when my favorite neighbor passes away), I choose peace… inner peace. That is something I want to attain and maintain always. Would I rather have riches or peace? Hands down would rather have peace and be poor, rather than rich and very not peaceful (is unpeaceful a word, my spell checker say no). Maybe I will have both and maybe I will not. But of the two, I want the peace the most. Of all the wants in life, both extrinsic and intrinsic, I realized that I want peace more than anything.

Yes, I totally need those bare things to exist and survive, but beyond needs, what do I want? Really really want, after I have my survival and existence figured out. What do you want? Even if you feel stuck in life, a job, a family, stuck in a life that you don’t want to maintain your survival or sense of belonging. What is your number one big thing that you are willing to surround your whole life around getting? What one main thing do you want to do, to have, to be? Answering this will give your life focus and direction, even when other needs and wants are just not obtainable at the moment. It is that one thing that all your other solutions grow from, or not grow from. That can be your base, your foundation. If you let it, it tells you know where you are headed. Gives you direction. I am headed for peace.

What does your inner whisper tell you? Is your aim joy, is it love, is it peace? Whatever your biggest want is, let that be your direction. Let that be your focus.


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